To produce and provide top quality service and to achieve to excellence and to maximum efficiency by believing in change.


To achieve excellence by applying total quality procedures,
To increase the profit with cooperation and efficiency rooted customer-employee relationship,
To preserve it’s place among the best players of the sector with balanced growth,
To provide service over the expectations with the ability on finding solutions.


The customer who is content to receive service,
Environmental sensitivity and respect to human resources,
Transperancy, openness in communication and effective teamwork.


To develop quality credibility both at local and international markets to shape it’s  service quality through the customer expectations and requests.
To believe that the quality can only be achieved with teamwork.
Total quality management is a necessity and a working systematic and sustainable development is the common goal of all units of the company.
To take advantage of modern transportation and management techniques.
To provide services wıth licenced products.
To develop new services and to make investments aiming to decrease the service cost, to avoid prestige investments.

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